The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition.

About the Vaidya

A vaidya is an Ayurvedic practitioner. He is a well learned scholar having spent long years acquiring the knowledge of his profession. The vaidya is an expert in anatomy, physiology as a Western physician. Moreover, he has to know all about botany and pharmacology because he has to prepare medicines for his patients. The Ayurvedic practitioner must also master diets and lifestyles and be versed in Sanskrit, yoga, even astrology, in order to interpret events with karmic patterns.


The Ayurvedic online consulation clinic is managed under the leadership of an enterprising Vaidya Dr. Aadith V, alumni of the University of Kannur, holding a B.A.M.S. degree (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery), & believes in the traditional principles of the Ayurveda, treating patients with pure Ayurvedic herbal medicines empowered by modern technology, with the help of an able team of experienced doctors and technicians.



About Dr. Aadith V

Since his childhood, he wanted to be a medical doctor. He liked helping and making people feel better. He feels that his personal mission is to help humanity to defeat diseases and overcome sufferings. He always wanted to work in this noble profession because of the belief that he possess the right concern and skill sets to address human health problems with utmost compassion. He has a unique combination of high Emotional Quotient and a sound scientific approach.



We understand

Sense of responsibility
Breeds dedication and motivates to do what is right, going beyond the call of duty.
Keep you going even when you are tired; go to the extra mile for the sake of the patients.
Do the right things, sacrifice without ulterior motives, even no one else is looking.


Compassion & Empathy
Kind, Compassionate, Humane, Considerate, Tolerant, Generous, Empathic and Sensitive.
This quality brings out dedication to the patient from a genuine sense of concern.
Quality that ward off cynicism when dealing with a 'difficult' patient.
It is the 'art' component of the science of medicine.


Quality that ensure patients rights, autonomy, modesty and privacy is respected at all times.


Fount of Knowledge
Doctors have adequate knowledge and keep abreast with development in medicine.
Honest enough to know limitation and refer patient for consultation.


Humility Arrogance, pride and overconfidense are dangerous qualities for a doctor.
Open up to medical errors and misdiagnoses.
Humility helps to recognize not just our strenghts but also our weaknesses.
We are not god and we understand our limitations, humble enough to ask for help.


Clinical acumen and judgement
Ability to differentiate between 'sick' and 'less sick' is crucial.
Ability to sort our patients' history, picking up patients details, obtaining appropriate test to come to a diagnosis.
Knowing when to intervene.
It is an art developed over years of experience and good practices.


Communication skills and Bedside manners.
Communication playes an important role between doctor and patients, colleagues or public.
The ability to give bad news, counsel, comfort, discuss treatment options and alternatives is important.
Good communication prevents 'doctor-shopping' or non compliant with their medications.


Being a good doctor is more than academic excellence.
It involves a right attittude, aptitude, character, commitment, demeanor and above all, a heart of service.


We aspire to have a balanced life and to care for themselves and their families as well as for others. In sum, we aspire to be happy and healthy, caring and competent, and good travel companions for people through the journey we call life.


The purpose of our life is to utilise the skills and endeavours to get the best result and we understand it is an awesome responsibility.