Ayurveda: A art of healthy living.

Ayurvedic terms


Ayurveda : An ancient medical treatise on the art of healing and prolonging life, sometimes regarded as a fifth Veda [from Sanskrit, from āyur life + veda knowledge] It is the most ancient and venerated of all medical system. Ayurveda is a complete and integrated science of life.


Panchamahabhutas :Ayurveda is centered on five basic elements of creation. The philosophical foundation of this system is based on the belief that in the beginning ,the universe was completely unified. This unity was differentiated into five elements called Panchamahabhutas. The first element to emerge was ether ,which in turn give birth to air, then to heat ,water and earth. These elements are the foundations of the ayurveda system.Their brief explanations are :
Sky (Akasha): Can express itself as the space within which everything exists and the space(s) within everything. Air (Vayu): Can express itself as the gaseous state of matter. Fire (Agni): Can express itself as transformational energy. Water (Jala): Can express itself as the liquid state of matter Earth (Prithvi): Can express itself as the solid state of matter.


Doshas :Panchamahabhutas do not act in isolation but in combination with the other elements to influence human body.These combinations are called doshas .These doshas must be in balance with the human being for health to be maintained .


Vata : This dosha is formed by the combination akasha(space) & vayu(air) .Vata is the force that motifies and drives the body, but imbalance of it in the body can give rise to diseases.


Pitta:This dosha is formed by the combination of gas ,fire & water.When on balance this force creates heat that drives the digestion and assimilative process.This dosha is responsible for all metabolic activity in the body and for the functions of intellect.


Kapha:This dosha is formed by the combination of water & Prithvi(earth).This is the force of stability and cohesion that is responsible for form an structure in the body from the cells to the bones and muscles.


Malas: Substances that are partly utilized in the body and partly excreted.Ayurveda states that for the well being of a human body it is essential that the waste products or any unnecessary cellular metabolites be elimination.


Dhatus: Help in formation of all the basic structure of a cellular level.Seven dhatus are also formed from the five elements, which represent basic tissue elements in the body: