This is your place to reflect and share. Since gratitude is a positive emotion correlated with healing. A good doctor is one who listens, who treats the cause not just the symptoms.


  • I would like to say a huge thank you to Dr. Aadith. He is incredible. He really listens to me and he has a way of making me feel so calm. He is very caring and compassionate. He cured my illness within the time frame communicated to me at the time of initial consultation and did an amazing job.
  • I feel so very blessed and fortuante to consult Dr. Aadith who helped me get my ailment completely cured without any side effects. I would eagerly recommend him to anybody when given the chance. He also has a wonderful team to support him and provide world class service. The Doctors Clinic is very fortunate to have good support professionals.
  • I would like to thank Dr. Aadith and his staff for curing my ailment. Your staff is really friendly and helpful in my opinion if more people knew of your service there would be a long queue in front of your building. Wish you all the best!
  • I want to thank Dr. Aadith and his staff for outstanding care for last couple of years. I am so happy for you, regarding your new clinic at Kozhikode, glad to hear that news. May you have more clinics in coming years!. Sincerly. Mrs. Roma Rajan.
  • With Dr. Aadith as my primary physician for a number of years now, I feel like I am in great hands. Already I am so impressed and pleased. The staff are all very welcoming, helpful and friendly. Thank you all!
  • Thank you Dr. Aadith thank you so much for your time, compassion and excellent medical care. It is much appreciated!
  • Thank you Dr. Aadith for taking such great care of our whole family!